Friday, 23 July 2010

Makeup Collection and Storage

Hello Dolls,

As promised i have done a collection post. I have been collecting for about 6 years so don't think i have bought all of this in a short space of time, this is years of accumulating! I remember saving up my paper round money to buy MAC eyeshadows when i was about 13 and a pot shadow was £9. The first thing i ever bought from MAC was Vanilla pigment, quickly followed by Naked Lunch and Sprout eyeshadows (not sure if they even do Sprout anymore it was pretty hideous!).

This is my mirror and vanity with my white anglepoise lamp. I keep my traincases to the side on an acrylic table.

I keep my perfume on this little glass tray which came from a car boot. At the moment I'm into to Philosophy scents, they smell so clean and fresh, just a shame they don't last a bit longer!

My MAC lipsticks are in this glass heart shaped container which i got from the Range. I like to store my lipsticks this way up so can i see the shade names easily when i am in a rush in the morning!

On the top of my vanity i keep a basket for face products and things i use all of the time, such as NARS Sheer Glow, MAC Stereo Rose, Nars Laguna etc.  I also put new products in there which i haven't tried out. At the moment i have a NARS Multiple Tint in Turks and Caicos to try out which i am very excited about!

I have two Shu Uemura Atelier cases which i use to hold the majority of my collection. I don't think you can get these anymore but they are amazing! They are three tiered and have pots to hold pencils, brushes etc.

This is my eye product case which is mostly MAC and NARS. I  have a 15 pan palette that i keep on the top too.

The second case holds my true obsession, cheek products! I have a lot of MSFs and some other highlighter products such as NARS multiples <3

And closed up with the top tray in...
The top tray has NYX cream blushes, NARS blushes and MAC cream and mineralize blushes which don't fit in the palettes.

On my bookcase i have some make up books, such as NARS Make Up You Mind and Scott Barnes- All About Face. I love makeup books for ideas and inspiration. I also have my Barbie Loves MAC doll which i think was released in about 2006, I've had her a while!

If you have any questions or want to see anything in more detail leave me a comment below : ) I love looking at other collections, so link me to your post if you have done a post!

Elle x


  1. Love these type of posts! You have an amazing collection, I love your little makeup bookshelf! x

  2. hi, nice post! love your vanity table hope you don't mind me asking where you got it? x

  3. ooooh i'd love to get my hands on your collection its gorgeous and love the books for inspiration. I have a few books but dont keep them with my makeup. X

  4. @kiddie26 it come from MFI but they don't exsist anymore : (

  5. WOW I love your collection and your whole set up - so cute!! I need to get a basket for all my everyday items, it saves so much time in the morning :) xxxx

  6. I love your set up! I also love your outfit in the first picture! xo

  7. I love the train case idea!! that is perfect!! my obsession is cheeks too!! Thanks for showing us your collection

  8. gorgeous so girly! great collection xx

  9. Love it! I love the heart lipstick contained :) xx

  10. i need those Atelier cases in my life!!! you have some collection!! you have given me some great storeage ideas :)

    darina xx

  11. gorgeous make-up collection! xx

  12. Wow this is amazing those cases are blooming brill, please could you do more interior posts like these ... I'm so stealing a few ideas :) love your vanity table and chair idea it all looks so pretty and organised :)

    Lots of love,

  13. I want that lipstick holder!


  14. Thats such a good idea for lipsticks!
    i hate when your rummaging through them for a specific one.

  15. your organization is incredible! I buy all the right cases and containers and somehow everything just accumulates at the bottom of my biggest purses. Smh!

  16. Wow, super cool collection of various products x

    Check out my shoe design blogspot? All my designs are hand-drawn also! Take care x

  17. I love your collection especially the lipsticks in that heart shape container!


  18. your collection of makeup, itlooks beauiful! I would love to see a video on what makeup you have and how you like to store it in your makeup case! xo
    -Alison Makeup

  19. I love the heart shaped container!

  20. love that heart bowl of lipsticks!!!