Sunday, 2 October 2011

Brighton Rocks.....

Many people will describe Norfolk as backwards. I do my utmost to defend this stereotype; however, in terms of make up shopping we are definitely living in the dark ages. MAC appeared a few years ago, closely followed by Laura Mericer and then.......well nothing really.  Liz Earle appeared at some point this year however this didn't really excite, my skin and Liz Earle don't have the best relationship.

Away work, or 'wolidays' as I saw Bryony Gordon refer to them this morning, therefore gives me ample shopping opportunities.  Brighton has been my home for the past fortnight and like a proper addict the first thing I did was stalk out SpaceNK and have a casual browse reach for the card (well it was payday as well).

The bag of goodness.......

Two of these items were replacements, both of which had experienced the same grizzly end of being shattered on a hard floor. Butter fingers I am. The other two? Over indulgent necessities perhaps?

Diptyque Mini Candle in Baies- Rose and blackcurrant. Love. Diptyque candles are my favourite indulgence as they burn cleanly and the scent stays fresh. Nobody wants a smoke damaged ceiling again ; )

Chantecaille Just Skin- I have heard a lot of good things about this and as my skin has cleared up a lot i finally feel able to wear something lighter. Hoping for great things, will probably go running back to the Mat Lumiere

NARS Laguna- I dropped my last one, the other product I'd dropped being the candle.  I needed a new one. Of both.

Diptyque Roll on Perfume in Philosykos- Unisex and therefore right up my street. I'm not going to attempt to describe the scent and that will end in disaster. Figs feature heavily though ; ). My love of unisex scents ended in slight embarrassment, in my mind excellent scent skills, when I smelt out D+G L'amourex on a male colleague and was able to name it and number it.  Maybe this could be my Mastermind specialist subject.........

Other things I have been loving this week include:

*Avene Triacneal- I'm going to do a separate post on this at some point. Definitely a noteworthy purchase and a spot treatment that actually works!

*Brighton- Although it was work related the sun was shining, the beach was packed and the food was top notch. Terre a Terre was like no culinary experience I had encountered before, the best vegetarian I've ever eaten in. Fun food, including vodka spiked tomatoes. Need I say more.

* Using up the last summer things- This weekend i've finished up Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume, some coconut body butter and i'm working through the last of my 'summer products'. Tom Ford Vanille Tobacco will soon be back ; ) 

*The sun- No explanation necessary.

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend!

Elle x


  1. Love mat lumiere but interested to know how you get on with the replacement x

  2. I wish I lived remotely near a Space NK! My boyfriend really loves their "Man" perfume!