Monday, 20 February 2012

La Roche-Posay Effaclar K

I'm not going to get into the science of this as frankly I'm clueless and all i know is the K stands for keratolytic, apparently. All you need to know is this is good stuff! Well the Effaclar K is.

I purchased this duo from Boots a couple of weeks ago when i was lured in with the 2 for £15 deal on the Effaclar range. This retail at around the £13 mark so it is ever so nearly buy one get one free. Deal.

Lets start on the fence. The Effaclar M is alright. A decent mattifying moisturiser but nothing too special. I'm not particularly prone to oil build up in the day so maybe this is just not for me. I'll probably use this in the summer but for the moment by Alpha H Essential Hydration Creme is definitely sitting pretty at the front of the overcrowded shelf.

The Effaclar K however is a different story altogther. This claims to diminish imperfections and unclog pores whilst also providing an excellent make up base. Big claims.

I have used this both morning and night for two weeks and have noticed vast improvements to the acne scars on cheeks. They feel flatter and are definitely less angry looking. My skin is also a lot smoother in general, just feeling generally as though i have just exfoliated all of the time. The scent isn't too chemically, i can't say it smells amazing but it definitely doesn't have that odour of eau de glue which Avene Cleanance K has. I find that this is also actually a pretty good make up base too, none of that 'balling' that you sometimes get with skincare products under makeup. All in all thumbs up!

I love this so much that I have even picked up a back up, something practically unheard of for fickle me.  I'm not sure when the offer ends, it was still on Saturday, but if you are looking to try La Roche-Posay then this is a great chance.

What do you love from La Roche-Posay? I'm eyeing up the purifying micellar water for when my Bioderma runs out!

Elle x

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  1. I am keen to try this - thanks for the review! I don't use too much from La Roche Posay but I absolutely couldn't be without their SPF 30 face fluid :)